Monday, June 24, 2013

Boba 3G Baby Carrier Review

          If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably already know that I love babywearing and started wearing Daniel when he was about a month old. I didn't have a back carrier while I was pregnant with Joshua so I either carried Daniel or wore him on my hip in my Moby Wrap for short periods (it's not very sturdy that way due to the stretchiness of the fabric). I started wearing Joshua in my Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap) and Moby Wrap when he was about a month old and have done my share of tandem wearing as well. In my quest for the perfect carrier, I have tried quite a few different ones. I had tried on a friend's Boba briefly once but not long enough to form an opinion of it. I was very excited to receive my Boba in the mail to try out and review. I received the carrier free of charge from Boba and I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions in this review are solely my own and based on my experience using the carrier.

          The Boba is a soft structured carrier: basically a rectangular piece of fabric with straps that you buckle at your waist/hips and at your shoulders (in a front carry) or chest (in a back carry). There are plenty of soft structured carriers out there of different sizes and with different features. The Boba is designed to be worn with babies and toddlers from newborn to 45lbs. It has a higher panel than the Ergo and other similar soft structured carriers, which means it will hold bigger toddlers. There are carriers with higher and wider panels than the Boba out there but at a much higher price. These are usually toddler carriers and can be much more comfortable than the Boba if you have an older/bigger child. The Boba is unique in that you can wear newborns in it without purchasing an extra insert. You simply have to adjust the straps differently. It also has purse straps on the shoulder straps to keep your purse from falling off your shoulders. I usually use a back pack as a diaper bag but I tried them out with a tote bag the other day. They are pretty effective at keeping the bag in place but I don't like where the bag strap sits on my shoulder. It makes me feel like the bag is falling off even though it is pretty secure but maybe I'm just weird.

          Another cool feature of the Boba is that it has patented foot straps to keep bigger kids comfortably seated and their spine supported. Both of my kids are tall enough now that their legs dangle a bit since the fabric of the seat no longer reaches the backs of their knees and the foot straps definitely come in handy to keep their legs comfortable. The Boba also has a hood to support baby's head while sleeping and protect baby from the elements. It is also supposed to provide some coverage while nursing but I didn't find it too helpful for that. Finally, the Boba has a pocket at the chest to keep the hood in (can fit small items if the hood is out but won't be able to zip) and a small zippered and a small open pocket on the waistband to keep your keys, phone, etc.

          I really like the ease of putting the Boba on and taking it off and usually reach for it over my wrap when going for a quick walk or just going to be in and out of a store quickly. That being said, my husband and I are different sizes and it takes some time to adjust it properly when switching users. I find that the pockets are small, which is okay for carrying my phone and debit card when going into a store quickly, but not so much if I'm going to be a while. I did not find the Boba to be the most comfortable carrier ever but it is more comfortable, in my opinion, than a lot of other carriers out there like it. I prefer to wrap when wearing for longer periods but the Boba is my go to for shorter wearing periods. Daniel still prefers to be wrapped but Joshua does not seem to mind either way as long as he's worn. My husband finds the Boba uncomfortable on the front and prefers back carries in it.

Here are some action shots:

Daniel- Front Carry
Daniel- Back Carry
Joshua- Front Carry
Joshua- Back Carry


  1. First of all, I love the Boba 3G! I've really done my research when it comes to soft structured carriers, and for me to say that this carrier is my favorite, is a big statement. I loved the Boba 2G, and I honestly didn't think that they could ever top it, but they did. I will admit, I do find the Boba 2G to be a tad bit more comfortable, but the longer wear with the 3G makes it the best choice. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your piece on the Boba 3G. Do you fin that lint and fluff gathers on your Boba, and if so how do you manage it?