Friday, September 23, 2011

Sleepy Wrap Review

           Baby wearing is awesome and has many benefits to both mom and baby. I have been wearing Daniel since he was about a month old. I wrote about the benefits of wearing your baby here. Recently, I was able to try the Sleepy Wrap made by NAP, Inc. You can read more on the benefits of baby wearing on the Sleepy Wrap website, here.

          The Sleepy Wrap is a simple, long piece of stretchy fabric that you wrap around yourself in different ways and then you simply pop the baby in and out as needed. It takes a bit to learn the proper way to wrap but once you get the hang of it, it's easy to do quickly. I love wraps because they distribute the weight evenly throughout both of your shoulders and across all of your back. I have scoliosis and a messed up  left shoulder. It is uncomfortable for me to wear bags or straps on my left side but the wraps are comfortable because I can just spread the fabric out as needed. Stretchy wraps are great for younger babies as it keeps them really close to you and gives the the warm, snuggly feeling of being in the womb again.

Me Wearing Daniel in the Sleepy Wrap
          My favorite feature of the Sleepy Wrap is that the fabric is super soft and stretchy. I can't wait to try it out on a newborn. I was able to try it out with my 10 month old, 19lbs 6oz baby. I found that I had to tie it very tightly in order for it not to stretch out too much when I put him in. Once the baby is in though, it is super comfy. I have no back or shoulder pain while wearing Daniel. Because my baby is older, heavier and more interested in crawling around, I only wore the wrap for short periods of time, for going to the laundry, etc. and cannot speak to it's comfort for long periods of time. I do find that stretchy wraps in general stretch out after a while, especially with heavier babies,  and have to be tightened throughout the day but that is not a big deal as you can just untie the ends, tighten, and tie back up. There is no need to remove the whole wrap and I have experience wearing a stretchy wrap for hours when Daniel was younger with no discomfort other than the fact that it can get hot while wearing a baby wrapped so closely in the heat of Florida. The wrap comes in a convenient carrying pouch which makes it easy to throw in your bag.

          Daniel has always loved to hang out in a wrap and the Sleepy Wrap has been no different. NAP, Inc. the makers of the Sleepy Wrap, also make the awesome Boba soft structured carrier carrier which holds toddlers upto 45 lbs on your front or back and I can't wait to use one of those with Daniel as he gets older and heavier.

          The classic sleepy wrap is $45 plus shipping and comes in a variety of colors. I tried the dark green classic Sleepy Wrap. It is also available in organic fabric for $59.95 plus shipping. You can purchase a Sleepy Wrap here.

Another Pic of Daniel in the Sleepy Wrap


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