Monday, January 2, 2012

Inspired By Finn Teething Anklet Review Follow-up

          A few months back, I wrote about the benefits of natural Baltic amber for teething pain and reviewed an Inspired By Finn Amber Teething Anklet here. At the time, my baby boy had no teeth and was not teething so I could not say whether it worked or not and I promised to write a follow-up post once he cut his first tooth. I am now back as promised.

          When it comes to teeth, Daniel was a late bloomer. He just cut his first tooth a few weeks ago, about a week before he turned 13 months old. Since he hadn't been showing signs of teething anymore, I had stopped putting the anklet on him for a while. When he first started showing serious signs of teething, he didn't have it on. He was very cranky and uncomfortable and it was obvious his mouth was really hurting him. The next day, I put the anklet on him and he felt much better. For most of the duration of his teething before the tooth came through, the anklet was just what he needed to ease his pain and discomfort and I had a happy baby. For about a day or two, when the tooth was coming through his gums, though, the pain must have been more intense as he was cranky and uncomfortable even with the anklet on. I used some Hyland's teething gel along with the anklet and that calmed him down and we made it through okay. He is now in the process of getting in his second tooth and seems to be doing fine with his anklet on. I can definitely say that the anklet works great for relieving the pain and discomfort of teething and would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural, medication free alternative for their child.

Picture of anklet from Inspired By Finn Website

Daniel wearing his anklet back when he first got it.

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