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World Breastfeeding Week Guest Post # 6: Veronica's Breastfeeding Story

          The following story was submitted to me by one of my readers, Veronica, who also blogs at Squigles & Wiggles. It is the story of her experience nursing her baby boy, I hope you all enjoy it.

Free Range Baby

I found out I was pregnant with my little bundle of joy in January of 2011. My husband & I were beyond excited! I knew long before we even thought about having kiddos that I would be a nursing mama & that there would be nothing to get in my way.

Growing up I had a stay at home mom & my parents emphasized a natural & healthy lifestyle. To me, nursing goes hand & hand with exactly that! My son is the most important thing in my life, so why wouldn't I want to give him the best? He sure deserves it!

I made it well known through out my doctor visits & once we were in the hospital that I would be solely nursing my son. I nursed my son within about 30 minutes of giving birth & he latched on fabulously & ate like a champ. I thank my amazing nurses for helping me out & I'm glad I did my own research on it as well. Sadly, shortly after being transferred to a postpartum room, I had difficulties. I honestly contribute a majority of that to the horrible horrible nursing consultant. She was rude, very pushy, rough & rushed me. After having her come into my room 3 times, I told my nurse that I didn't want her anywhere near my son, my boobs or room again! I decided that I would figure this out on my own because it was my body & my baby to start with, so I knew what worked best for us. I found a comfortable position for my son & I after a couple tries & it was a success! He was an eating machine from that point on!

After we returned home I continued to nursing my son & being a newbie mom, the experience was amazing, difficult & emotional. I would've never expected it to contribute so much to the strong bonding experience for us, nor did I expect the pain of it. The first few weeks were the most difficult but worth every ounce of nipple cream & shields. My husband doubted my milk supply because we went through many stages of cluster feedings. I knew that he had PLENTY of milk, mainly because he had normal wet diapers & I couldn't use nursing pads in my bra, but had to wash clothes because of how much I was making.

My bouncing baby boy is a boob baby all the way! Most of the time I feel like an open buffet but he's getting the best possible in the world & that is all that matters. He still goes through spurts of cluster feedings, short feedings, long feedings, & every other kind of feeding that you can think of. He is free to eat as much as he wants whenever he wants & that is perfectly okay with me. He never took to a bottle & is with me 24/7, so I know he is always getting exactly what he needs.
I know in my heart that I am giving my son the best I have to offer, after all he'a human so he needs human milk! I would've done everything in my power to give him his baby milk (that's what we call it).

I really encourage new moms to not give up on nursing. It is hard but it's so worth getting through those first rough weeks. There are so many amazing services that can help you out if you are having problems or even have questions. All I have to say is don't doubt yourself, your supply or your baby. Nursing babies don't eat on a normal schedule & never will, so don't listen to what others are telling you. If your little one is having plenty of wet diapers then they are getting enough. Most importantly find what works for you, positioning your little one is key & when you both are comfortable then it'll be a peaceful & amazing experience. There is nothing better than bonding with your little one!

NEVER give up on what is best for your little one! They are so important & worth it XOXO

        This story was also posted by Veronica at Squiggles & Wiggles, you can find it here. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us, Veronica.

About the Author: 

Veronica is a wife and stay-at-home mom of one precious baby boy. She enjoys making crafts and sells handmade items. Veronica also blogs at Squiggles & Wiggles. Please check out her blog.

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