Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Keep A Kid Happy

           I am very proud to present to you a guest post by Daniel, my 32 month old, today. A few weeks ago, I was reading this post from Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources while my boys were napping. Daniel woke up in the middle of me reading it so I started reading it out loud to him while he nursed so he wouldn't feel like I was ignoring him. Daniel picked up on the fact that the post was written from a toddler's point of view and he told me that he wanted to write a blog post of his own but didn't know about what. He also told me he wants L.R. Knost of Little Hearts/ Gentle Parenting Resources to read his post so I promised him I would send her a link to it. A few days later, he woke up extremely happy, which is rare. I told him I was so glad he was happy and asked him what I could do to help him stay happy. He decided that was what he wanted to write his post about and started making a list. Here is Daniel's post on how to keep kids happy (these are all his own words, including the title, but the about him section was written by me):

-No yelling. It makes me feel bad. Please talk to me nicely.

-No whacking. It hurts and makes me feel bad. Hands are not for hitting.

-No taking my stuff. That makes me angry and sad.

-No grabbing me. I don't like it and it makes me feel bad.

-Give me nummies. It makes me feel good. I love my nummies.

-Read me lots of books. I love to read all kinds of books.

-Eat with me. I don't like to eat by myself, I like it when you sit down to eat with me and when you feed me.

-Take me outside. I like going for walks and playing at the tennis court.

-Play with me.

-Listen to me.

-Hug me.

-Rub my head and back.

-Don't be on your phone. I don't like it when you are on your phone because I don't get your attention

- Give me your attention.

About the author:
Daniel is a super smart and silly two and a half year old who hates sleeping but loves to nurse, read, do school work and play. He enjoys spending time with his mama, daddy and bubby and getting tons of attention every day. He loves to co-sleep with his family and being worn in a wrap or carrier but is also pretty independent. He potty trained himself before age two, loves to read chapter books, help out in the kitchen (especially with baking) and loves to do things by himself.


  1. Daniel you shared your feelings very clearly and nicely. You are a smart boy. :) Hope you stay happy.

  2. Daniel, you are a sweet boy. I hope you keep writing cool stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Daniel, I love your blog post. I like to hear about what you think and how you feel. You are a good communicator. Keep up the good work. Love, Abuela

  4. P.S. Hey I just noticed you're wearing one of the shirts I got you and Joshua. You look very handsome. Xox